Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sara Skinner

Once in a while, we discover a select group of singer-songwriters with a strong online presence and an original style who instantly draw us in like a magnet by our first listen. Sara Skinner is one of them! In fact, she's in a league of her own.

As a pop-rock artist, she's truly an original with the way she brings her own unique flavor to today's chart-topping hits. These are some of my favorite covers by her. If you haven't become a Skinner yet, you will be! Visit her official site for more info and follow her on Twitter. She's amazing! 

Undone (Haley Reinhart cover)

Skyfall (Adele cover)

Want You Back (Cher Lloyd cover)


Haley Reinhart Fan said...

Love Sara! Her cover of Haley's Undone is beautiful!!! :)

on_the_ground said...

All the songs are cool and she's talented indeed, thanks for posting her videos, I wouldn't have known her otherwise :)

Jules Alveria said...

Haley Reinhart Fan - Yes, it's truly wonderful :) And Sara is amazing, just like Haley.

on_the_ground - Glad to share her with you. I knew you'd also love her style :)