Friday, October 19, 2012

Haley Reinhart - Stage It Show *Review*

On October 16, Interscope artist Haley Reinhart (who's gaining momentum with her Grammy-worthy debut album Listen Up) performed a SOLD OUT online show at Stage It dedicated to her massive fans - the Haliens - all over the world, where she performed right at the comfort of her living room couch with guitarist John Notto.

The live concert that ran less than an hour gave off an acoustic, intimate, exotic vibe with an incense candle on her table. It was jam-packed with familiar tunes from Listen Up, including "Hit the Ground Running", her potential new single "Oh My" (which she recorded with award-winning rapper B.o.B. in the studio version), the bluesy rock "Keep Coming Back" and the retro-pop "Wonderland". 

To spice up the set list, she also added some covers, such as Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" and the timeless Etta James classic "At Last", which brought everyone on a trip to Old Hollywood. Simply charming :)

One of my favorite parts was when she showed the fans her adorable-looking mug. The show felt very personalized thanks to Haley's entertaining talk in between songs.

With her diamond-studded sultry voice, there's no doubt Haley is an original. Let's say those who don't appreciate her should not have the privilege to call themselves true music fans. She is America's answer to Adele and Duffy. A respectable singer-songwriter and divine inspiration.

Grab your copy of Listen Up and learn more about Haley on her official site


on_the_ground said...

Thanks for the summary, it sounds really awesome and I'm glad at least you didn't miss it xDD

Love "At last", that had to be very special :D

Cute pics :)

Kenny Poo said...

Nice post! Haley was indeed loveable, and I'm sure everyone who saw the show felt they got their money's worth and then some. Of course, nobody appreciated her At Last more than me. ;)

Raine said...

Hey, sorry. I know I said I'd be leaving a message last week. I haven't tried attending a StageIt performance even by Alexz. *gasped* I think it would be interesting to experience it. Glad you enjoyed it!

Jules Alveria said...

on_the_ground - Yes, "At Last" was simply timeless like fine wine ;)

Kenny Poo - It definitely was a spectacular show! And congrats on getting her to charm you with "At Last". But the truth is every Halien would consider it a treat as well ;)

Raine - Next time, you can try it :) There are occasional freezing on the concert screen but they won't take away your enjoyment of the show LOL