Monday, April 2, 2012

Haley on "90210"

She has an album out next month and is even switching zip codes! That's right, everybody. Haley Reinhart can do it all! Amidst her busy schedule, the new singer can still squeeze in time for her other interest - acting. Last Tuesday marked her first acting gig as she guest-starred on the CW show 90210, which is a spin-off of the original back in the 90's. Even if she was playing herself, Haley brought a lot of dynamics to her scripted character and certainly made the most of her 1.5-minute scene. 

As she plans on continuing acting in addition to music, you can expect to see her in one of your favorite shows in the near future...and maybe even a movie! I can think of one show she should be in. Supernatural! In fact, I've long been wondering if she's a hard-core fan, as the girl is very classic rock, and it's a show with countless classic rock hits playing in every episode. 

Watch Haley's 90210 clip right here, right now.

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