Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Addicted to "Ringer"

Every episode of Ringer has been intense with sizzling mysteries and groundbreaking cliffhangers, making the modern thriller with soap opera and light noir elements a TV treat. The heat will double up as the show comes to an end with the finale episode airing next Tuesday. Will this mark its demise or will it shoot its way to Season 2?

Regardless of the complex plot lines that demand viewers' non-stop attention to understand them, Ringer is a high concept series that is deliciously crafted with lush settings and a Frenchy soundtrack. But despite the CW Network's attempt at promoting it as a means of giving adult shows a home amidst its fluffy teen shows, the ratings just aren't quite there for Ringer. But as a die-hard Ringlet, I'm still hoping it will make a return this coming Fall so we can see Queen Sarah Michelle Gellar and her male co-stars again. 

Here's the preview for next week's finale!

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