Monday, April 2, 2012

Berthillon Ice Cream in Paris

When luxury calls, Berthillon answers. Founded by the great Monsieur Berthillon in 1954, the store is wrapped in classic interiors that give it a touch of royalty. But don’t worry too much about its high-end décor. The whole atmosphere is as casual and comfy as ever. Anyone who’s in the mood for sizzling desserts and relaxation is guaranteed to call Berthillion home. 

Its ice creams are purely made from natural ingredients like milk, sugar, cream and eggs, making every single item on the menu taste-worthy. One-of-a-kind specials like the Praline with lemon definitely make mouth-watering treats to savor. No matter what you're craving - caramel, dark chocolate or even fresh mango - there are plenty of flavors to indulge yourself in.

Many local Parisians have revealed the ultimate secret that Berthillon probably has the greatest ice cream and dessert selections in the entire city. Touché!

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