Thursday, November 29, 2012

X Factor USA: Top 8 Recap

Last night on major talent contest X Factor USA, fans were treated to Top 8 Hits-themed performances by the Final 8 and also the premiere of Britney Spear's new music video with After these all-out performances, these acts definitely proved they deserve to stay in tonight's results.

Category/Mentor: Groups/Simon Cowell

Finally, an upbeat song made these girls more on fire than they were in previous performances. There must be something wrong with the voting if they don't make it through to next week. They made me a believer in girlbands.

Category/Mentor: Young Adults/Demi Lovato

Poor girl always ends up in the Bottom Two just 'cause her seemingly edited audition footages portrayed her as a bitch? Give the girl a break. She really is a tryer, and in here, she's a star.

Category/Mentor: Teens/Britney Spears

While she could use a more unique song choice, she did infuse her own flavor into her performance, which started with an intense acoustic-driven version before moving on to the fast beats.

Category/Mentor: Teens/Britney Spears

She's right, an overly popular hit is not an easy thing to cover. But she slayed it like she has always done week after week. 


Carmina said...

I liked these 4 a lot but I thought that FIFTH HARMONY weren't as awesome as usual.. probably because of the staging and the way they didn't move around which I prefer with this kind of song. I don't know, it feels weird and not very natural and that song didn't really help they vocals to shine so I thought they'd be in danger.

The other 3 really made a great job with very difficuly songs..

I'm super glad all of them have survived! It seems there's still hope in USA for a deserving winner :)

Raine said...

I like Fifth Harmony, it looks like Simon has another group groom for global domination :D Man, this guy's instincts are sure razor sharp.

Jules Alveria said...

Carmina - Interesting, I actually thought 5H gave their most electric performance here. Maybe it was the fiery background, but I do agree on the need to move around on stage, considering the song. Glad they all made it through though. And yes to CeCe :D

Raine - I think so too. It seems like Simon's trying to prep them up as the next reigning girlband, which I can definitely see happening :D He really did achieve a lot of success with groups.