Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lana Del Rey: Blue Velvet

Vintage Hollywood is back with a glamorous yet surreal, dark twist in today's contemporary music scene. Who better to represent it than Lana Del Rey? No matter what adjective pops in everyone's head when they listen to her voice, it's undeniable that her vocal style is timeless and rich in texture like a slice of red velvet cake on an end-of-summer afternoon.

Congrats to Lana for her recent collaboration with popular fashion brand H&M! Watch her exquisite cover of "Blue Velvet", which is basically a homage to David Lynch's film works. Blue Velvet, anyone? :)

For those who are new to her, you may have heard her single Video Games from her sparkling debut album Born to Die, which you obviously can get on iTunes.


Raine said...

Wow, she has a deep voice, quite haunting especially from the first vid. Read your post on your additional new music faves too left on FF (13) :D

Jules Alveria said...

Yes, she does. She's a big hit in the UK, and now she's finding international stardom with all the fashion deals as well :D