Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A young songstress who sounds way beyond her age? That's definitely Birdy. For a fifteen year-old, Birdy - a.k.a. Jasmine Van den Bogaerde - is remarkably gifted with a hauntingly ethereal voice that transcends boundaries. Even her style displays a level of maturity that not many other young talents possess. 

Let her whisk you away to that whimsical, timeless imaginative realm with her self-titled debut album. It features her own distinctive renditions of indie covers like the much-hyped "Skinny Love" and "1901". "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight", "Terrible Love" and "Fire and Rain" also rank high on my list of favorites. If she is this promising at this point in her career, imagine what she will become a few years from now, especially once she starts releasing more originals.

Enjoy your quiet afternoon tea and be mesmerized by her music. 


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this girl. Soo talented at such a young age.

Jules Alveria said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, Birdy definitely has a bright future in music :)